'ello Kaila, Have you ever wished that you can be like Zekes kind?

Be like Zeke’s people? Oh ho ho ho! No~

Da tall people taste like poo! Kaila don’t wanna taste like poo.

Da tall people can’t see. Na! They have no eyes! Kaila needs all three of her’s! Zeke is different, he haz one eye. Hee hee.

Da tall people eat icky food too. It bad, Kaila don’t like it. Zeke doesn’t eat it. Zeke likes a lot of what Kaila likes! Yay! Chef also likes yummy foodz.

Da tall people are really tall! They are so tall they reach the sun! That’s why they brown and wrinkle up like a grape.

Kaila likes being Kaila. If Kaila wanted to be something about da tall people, Kaila would want to fly, like Zeke!

Uh, well, Zeke kind of flies. He ‘hoovers’. But he can turn into flying thingz!

Kaila would like to fly. But Kaila don’t wanna be a tall person. They don’t like different. Kaila like different.

Kaila likez Zeke!