Hiya everybody! Kaila’s family gunna be getting’ ready for the Day of Da Big Gamez! Food, games, food, family, food, happy flowers, and… did Kaila say food already?

Lots of games Kaila is pretty good at! At least she thinks she is. Games go on for a whiles, three days. Kaila teamed up with some of her brotherz.

She convinced them.

Zeke wants to do the gamez, but…nya! Poor Zeke, he’s not so good at them.

So Kaila told Zeke about Da Gamez! Zeke was wonderings why it’s called Day of Da Big Gamez, when it goes on for more than one day…Kaila don’t know! Should ask sometime, hee hee.

So anywayz, Zeke tried to do his goopy-change-thingy and it uhhhh…He uhh…

Yeah, he don’t look right. Kaila told him, but he says he be fine…okay!

It’z hard to explain why Zeke is all by himz self. Mommy doesn’t know that Zeke is Zeke, ya see. Kaila hope he don’t stick out too much.

Gamez went good! Hope everyone had a happy Gamez Day! Da new circle begins!

Kaila’s Let’s Play The Game! - Can Your Pet~

Kaila’s Let’s Play~

Hi everyone! :D Kaila found a game! thanks everyonez who gave Kaila su…sugg…suggenonz!

The gamez were kind of scary looking…But one game looks and souns so happy! Kaila hasn’t played a whole lot yet.

Guess which game? Guess guess guess guess! :D