(Author: Sketched this real quick. Plan to add this to my wallpapers on my desktop. :D)

(Author: Sketched this real quick. Plan to add this to my wallpapers on my desktop. :D)

Kaila’s Let’s Play~

Hi everyone! :D Kaila found a game! thanks everyonez who gave Kaila su…sugg…suggenonz!

The gamez were kind of scary looking…But one game looks and souns so happy! Kaila hasn’t played a whole lot yet.

Guess which game? Guess guess guess guess! :D


Let’z Play Game!

Kaila been thinkgin. She has found out about thesez thingz called ‘Let’z Play Game’.

Kaila would like to try it! But Kaila not sure what game she should play…Any ideaz?

Kaila will look for one! But will check any onez anyone else haz.


Oh oh! Kaila been so busy…Really, she has!

Kaila was playing a game called Ter-ra. Lots of fun! You should see Kaila’s character, she so cute!

Look at her dance! Cute cute! I am a Kaila Kaila dance really cuteAnd she winks at you!


Kaila also saw da new movie, Avengerz! It was awesome!

Da movie is about deez hu-mons who work together to save da world! Well, except one guy, he not hu-mon, but he looks like one. He talks funny, hee hee hee hee.

His brother is da villain! Ooh, oops, Kaila don’t want give away spoils.

It was fun, fun~

'ello Kaila, Have you ever wished that you can be like Zekes kind?

Be like Zeke’s people? Oh ho ho ho! No~

Da tall people taste like poo! Kaila don’t wanna taste like poo.

Da tall people can’t see. Na! They have no eyes! Kaila needs all three of her’s! Zeke is different, he haz one eye. Hee hee.

Da tall people eat icky food too. It bad, Kaila don’t like it. Zeke doesn’t eat it. Zeke likes a lot of what Kaila likes! Yay! Chef also likes yummy foodz.

Da tall people are really tall! They are so tall they reach the sun! That’s why they brown and wrinkle up like a grape.

Kaila likes being Kaila. If Kaila wanted to be something about da tall people, Kaila would want to fly, like Zeke!

Uh, well, Zeke kind of flies. He ‘hoovers’. But he can turn into flying thingz!

Kaila would like to fly. But Kaila don’t wanna be a tall person. They don’t like different. Kaila like different.

Kaila likez Zeke!